Maximize Your Mac Pro SuperDrive: Tips for Enhancing Performance and Earning Profit

Within the realm of computer manufacturing, it’s a fairly standard practice for companies to interchange components with similar or identical alternatives during the assembly process. Apple is no stranger to this method.

Occasionally, a component with superior build quality or performance is used and its capabilities are limited via firmware to maintain uniformity across the product line.

While many of the latest Mac Pro towers are equipped with the well-known Pioneer DVR-111D optical drive, a significant number feature a mysterious Sony DW-D150A drive. This model, however, raised eyebrows among the tech experts at HardMac, who pointed out that the Sony DW-D150A does not officially exist as a Sony product.

Further investigation revealed that these drives are actually NEC 4570 units in disguise. This might seem like a minor detail to obsess over, but in this instance, it unveils a curious aspect of manufacturing.

The performance of the NEC 4570 drive significantly outperforms the Sony model in nearly all functionalities and even includes additional features:

Sony Specs:
– DVD -/+R 16x
– DVD+R DL 8x
– DVD+RW 8x
– DVD-RW 6x
– CD-RW 32X
– CD-R 32X

NEC Specs:
– DVD -/+R 16x
– DVD-R/ DL 8x
– DVD+RW 8x
– DVD-RW 6x
– DVD-RAM 5x
– CD-RW 32x
– CD-R 48x

Although Apple has standardized the performance of the NEC 4570 to match that of other drives, tech-savvy users can unlock its full potential.


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