Apple’s NYC Fifth Avenue Cube Controversy Angers Muslims

Recently, I shared a link to a discussion about potential concerns from the Muslim community regarding the architectural design of Apple’s 5th Avenue store in NYC, particularly when it was still shrouded in black panels before unveiling its glass structure. This topic came to my attention through Jason O’Grady’s Apple Core post on ZDnet, and I further explored the heated discussions on from April ’06.

The source I referenced, which offers English translations of Arabic media, has been criticized for its motives, though the accuracy of the translation in this instance wasn’t specifically challenged. I reached out to MEMRI for their original sources but haven’t received a response yet.

It’s crucial to clarify that my original 300-word commentary did not contain any negative remarks about any religious or ethnic groups.

The focus was on Apple and its store design, not on political or religious issues. The backlash in the comments was unexpected, and I appreciate the private messages from many who were also surprised by the reaction.

I regret if the mention of MEMRI or the post’s title caused any offense. It was not my intention to suggest that all Muslims were represented by the claims in the MEMRI report.

I believe that modifying the title post-publication or disabling comments would only serve to obscure the truth, which is not my intention.

For context, I reside on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, a vibrant Middle Eastern community in NYC. I’ve discussed this topic with many local friends and business owners. Showing them the images of the veiled Apple Store and explaining the situation led to many insightful conversations.


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