iPod Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary Today

It was exactly five years ago that Apple introduced the inaugural iPod, boasting a 5-gigabyte capacity that could hold 1,000 songs in CD quality. Equipped with a Firewire port, it allowed for swift song transfers in under 10 minutes and could also function as a portable hard drive. Priced at $399, it was available for purchase starting November 10th, but only Mac users could enjoy this innovative product initially.

Upon hearing about the iPod, my initial thoughts were skeptical.

The name seemed odd, and the idea of carrying around 1,000 songs seemed excessive—I wasn’t even sure I knew that many songs. Fast forward five years, and my iPod is now loaded with 6,800 songs, along with several movies.

Initially, I doubted the iPod’s potential for widespread appeal, but that changed once I experienced one firsthand. The build quality was impressive, and I preferred the tactile feedback of the original mechanical scroll wheel over the newer touch-sensitive version.

I held off on purchasing until the 10-gigabyte model was released, still exclusive to Mac users, as I felt 5 gigabytes wouldn’t suffice.

Once I got my hands on that 10-gigabyte iPod, the way I consumed music was transformed. Owning an iPod at that time felt like being part of an exclusive club. Back in those days, not everyone sported the iconic white headphones—only a select group of Mac users.


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