John Nack Discusses Why Adobe Soundbooth Lacks PPC Support

Recent discussions among Mac enthusiasts have revealed a mix of disappointment and understanding regarding Adobe’s decision to exclude PowerPC support in their latest beta version of Soundbooth. Feedback on our initial article and several comments on Macintouch indicate a strong reaction from the community.

Adobe’s John Nack, who manages Photoshop, provided insights on his blog about the rationale behind this move. Essentially, Adobe is not stripping away support but rather not initiating it for a new product aimed at both Mac OS X and Windows, which they refer to as a strategic decision to streamline development by focusing on a single chipset.

This decision places Adobe in a challenging position, as the PowerPC architecture still holds relevance, particularly among Mac audio professionals.

However, Adobe’s strategy seems to lean towards future-proofing and optimizing their development process. It’s easier for developers already familiar with PowerPC to integrate Intel support, thanks to Apple’s Universal Binary efforts, than it is for developers accustomed to Intel—primarily from a Windows environment—to adapt to PowerPC.

Tj Luoma

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