Compatibility Issues Between Mac Office 2004 and Windows Office 2007 Files

Whether it’s been postponed or not, the anticipation for the upcoming Microsoft Office for Mac is palpable, especially among those tethered to Office in professional settings. For a while, Mac users have managed a decent level of compatibility with their Windows-using colleagues, but this is set to change with the introduction of Office 2007 for Windows.

The new version defaults to a file format known as “Microsoft Office Open XML,” with document extensions like docx, xlsx, and pptx for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining as Novell has committed to releasing code for OpenOffice that will support these new formats. However, it might take a few months before this becomes a practical solution for users, and many in corporate settings might not have the luxury to switch to or install OpenOffice.

Even with Novell’s contribution to the open-source community, there’s no guarantee that this code will be integrated into the OpenOffice suite soon, though chances are favorable.

Meanwhile, Windows users equipped with Office 2003 can download a compatibility pack allowing them to open Office 2007 files. Mac users, on the other hand, might have to wait longer.


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