Buy Mac Software on Dec 7th to Support Child’s Play Charity

On December 7th, 2006, purchasing software from certain Mac developers will not only enhance your collection of apps but also brighten the holiday season for children in hospitals worldwide by providing them with toys and games. This initiative is part of a charitable effort where all proceeds from sales of specific applications will go to Child’s Play, a charity founded in 2003 by the creators of the gaming webcomic Penny Arcade.

Thanks to a correction from Samuel, it’s clear that the charity’s reach is extensive. Simply purchase these apps as you normally would, and you’ll contribute to a worthy cause while getting some excellent software.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your software tools, December 7th is an ideal time.

You might even consider gifting an app or two, continuing the spirit of generosity. Why not check out the full list of apps and developers participating in this event on Ironcoder? Featured apps include iRooster, Billable, Freeze Frame, VoodooPad, HoudahSpot, LifeBoat, iDictionary, among others.

This initiative is a commendable effort by the Mac developer community to support a noble cause.

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