iPhoto2Gmail: Easily Email Photos Directly from iPhoto

For those who frequently use iPhoto’s convenient Email feature, which opens your default email application and attaches a photo for easy sharing, there’s good news for Gmail users who felt left out. Thanks to Juan Leon, a new iPhoto plugin now allows Gmail to integrate seamlessly with iPhoto for direct photo emailing.

After installation, users can find this feature under the Export menu. The only downside currently is the absence of the original resizing options.

Photos smaller than 800×600 pixels are sent at their original size, while larger images can be scaled down to 800×600 through the “Send Scaled” option, a size that remains manageable for most recipients.

The plugin is compatible with both iPhoto 5 and iPhoto 6 and supports Universal Binary. It is available as donationware, so users are encouraged to support the developer if they find the plugin useful.

Juan Leon shared his experience developing the plugin: “I used this as an excuse to get my feet wet with Cocoa and all the neat new Xcode features. This is the result… so far.

It is still a very early piece of software, probably has many bugs, and is rough around the edges. I hope to improve on it and that it will be useful to some folks.“

From my testing, the plugin performs well, simplifying the process of sending photos via Gmail directly from iPhoto. It’s a straightforward tool that enhances productivity with minimal fuss.

[via Hawk Wings]


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