Security Cameras That Make Intruders Smile for the Camera

With the festive season just around the corner, the risk of laptop theft increases significantly. There are several established (Undercover by Orbicule, MacPhoneHome, and LoJack for Laptops) and experimental (iAlertU from SlappingTurtle) solutions available to track a stolen Mac.

However, for those interested in a more hands-on method to detect unauthorized access, a recent tip on MacOSXHints outlines a do-it-yourself technique using a simple script to capture iSight images and monitor system logs for failed login attempts, effectively catching curious colleagues or clumsy family members in the act.

If your goal is to deter theft or aid in recovery, you might want to consider using Undercover or follow this advice from Lifehacker courtesy of Laurie. In any case—let’s be careful out there.

Update 4:30pm: I should also mention that LANrev v4 now includes enhanced anti-theft features.

My apologies for the oversight. Oh, and yes, it’s SLAPPINGturtle, not Slapping Turtle.

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