i’Coo Baby Stroller Designed for iPod Integration

Love blossoms, weddings bells chime, and now, an iPod might just be the newest addition to your nursery essentials! We’ve touched on the topic of iPod-compatible strollers previously, but it’s time for a fresh look. Remember, the integration of an iPod into a stroller isn’t for drowning out the cries of your child—it’s for their amusement and yours, presumably!

The Pico-iPod series by i’Coo offers more than just a trendy way to stroll; it’s a full range of products designed for both your baby and their belongings, including a car seat and a diaper bag.

The exact purpose of the cosycoon remains a bit of a mystery—is it a snug spot for your little one, or merely a stylish storage solution? Either way, the ensemble exudes coolness that any parent might appreciate.

The stroller’s canopy is equipped with an iPod dock, complete with volume control and speakers, allowing both you and your child to enjoy some tunes while you tackle your to-do list. Details on availability are limited, but the product will come in black and white options.

It seems to be similar to what RockStarBaby was promoting recently. From what I can gather, the price tag might hover around $300 USD—a steep price, indeed.

Thanks, zxspectrum!

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