Access Stikkits via Quicksilver and Web Browsers

Do you recall the individual named iNik who we previously highlighted? He’s the one who crafted a set of Mac OS X utilities that seamlessly integrate with Stikkit, the online personal information manager designed to simplify your digital life. Recently, he revisited our original article to share numerous Stikkit tips.

He notes that while the service operates flawlessly on Safari, it encounters issues on Internet Explorer—a rather intriguing point for Mac users.

His most recent advice includes how to tweak major Mac OS X browsers, as well as tools like Quicksilver and LaunchBar, to enable searches of your stikkits directly from these applications. Although iNik provides guidance for configuring both Firefox and OmniWeb, he mentions that Safari lacks the necessary features to adjust its search engine settings at this time.

Nevertheless, these tips offer additional convenience for users looking to enhance their experience with this innovative online organizer.


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