Copilot 2.0 Now Compatible with Mac Computers

My affection for my mother led me to gift her my old G5 iMac, the final model in the G5 series. Although she’s not particularly tech-savvy, she has become proficient at browsing the internet and managing her emails.

However, whenever a technical hiccup occurs, which is rare but inevitable, she relies on me for assistance.

Like many others, I’ve experienced the challenge of guiding a parent through technical difficulties over the phone. I’ve considered setting up VNC or Apple Remote Desktop on her computer, but since she resides in Virginia and I’m in Pennsylvania, I prefer our visits to focus on quality time rather than tech support.

That’s why I’ve turned to Copilot, a service from Fog Creek that simplifies remote computer access.

Copilot 2.0 is compatible with OS X 10.2 and later versions, and works seamlessly with both Safari and Firefox browsers. It requires no intricate setup, and its pricing model is quite appealing: $5 grants you a full 24 hours of unlimited access.

John Devis

John is a passionate tech enthusiast with a deep love for all things Apple. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for uncovering the latest trends and innovations, John brings a fresh perspective to the world of Apple products.