Apple TV Update: Hard Drive Now Upgradeable

Here’s an interesting tidbit from behind the scenes at TUAW: we’re generally hesitant to dismantle new Apple products for teardown galleries because, frankly, we’re quite fond of them and prefer not to void their warranties. Plus, they’re purchased with our own money.

Today, however, the buzz has been about who might be daring enough to attempt an upgrade on their Apple TV hard drive. Will it be Erica or David? Who will take the plunge and enhance their device?

Indeed, someone has taken the leap.

A bold (or perhaps reckless) owner of an Apple TV, Jonathan Bare, has successfully installed a 120 GB hard drive into his device, though the specific details of how he achieved this feat remain unclear (my bets are on a method involving Disk Utility or a CCC clone). Everything appears to be functioning smoothly; you can check out the pictures here.

[via Gizmodo]

Thanks to Aron and everyone else who sent this in.


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