Leopard to Adopt ZFS as Default File System?

In a surprising revelation, a prominent figure in the tech industry may have spilled the beans on one of the highly anticipated undisclosed features of Leopard, Apple’s upcoming operating system. During a Sun Microsystems event, CEO Jonathan Schwartz reportedly announced that Leopard will adopt ZFS as its default file system, according to Mac Rumors.

While it has been previously known that Leopard would support ZFS, the news of it being the default system is fresh and noteworthy.

ZFS, developed by Sun Microsystems, is a 128-bit file system that can handle up to 16 exabytes of data. To put that in perspective, one exabyte equals approximately 1,073,741,824 gigabytes.

This immense capacity means that ZFS can theoretically manage up to 17,179,869,184 GB of data across various storage devices. For a detailed description of ZFS and its capabilities, see the full explanation on Wikipedia.

The tech community is eagerly awaiting confirmation from Apple at the upcoming WWDC, where more details about Leopard and its features are expected to be unveiled.

Michael Rose

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