Leopard Boot Camp Loses Fast Switching Feature

Last week, we highlighted a notable update on Apple’s Leopard Boot Camp page that introduced enhanced switching speeds between Windows and OS X using OS X’s safe sleep and Windows’ hibernation features. However, it seems there have been some revisions. As Mac Rumors observes, modifications have been made to the Apple page, removing mentions of this quick switching capability.

Initially, the page stated:

Leopard introduces a faster method to toggle between Mac OS X and Windows: Simply select the new Apple menu option “Restart in Windows.” Your Mac enters “safe sleep” ensuring that upon your return, you resume exactly where you left off. This method is significantly quicker than having to reboot your system each time. Similarly, the “Restart in Mac OS X” option in the Boot Camp System Tray within Windows allows for a swift transition back to Mac OS X.

With the hibernation feature activated in Windows, you can continue right where you paused.

Mac Rumors provides a Google cache link showing the original content. Currently, Apple’s page no longer includes this section. It’s hoped that this feature will be reinstated in the final version, as it promised to be quite beneficial.

[via The Apple Core]

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