.Mac Galleries Utilize Open Source Frameworks for Enhanced Functionality

During a recent keynote, Steve Jobs highlighted the new features of .Mac galleries, which have garnered considerable attention for their innovative design and functionality. While I remain a dedicated Flickr user, the .Mac galleries introduce some compelling features, including the intuitive ‘photo skimming’ option.

It appears that Apple has embraced some elements of Open Source to enhance these galleries, as noted by the SproutIt blog. They report that Apple has utilized the SproutCore framework and has actively contributed to its development.

An examination of the gallery’s source code reveals Apple’s use of SproutCore, identifiable by the sproutcore.js file, along with script.aculo.us, which provides a variety of JavaScript libraries essential for modern web animations.

This integration certainly underscores Apple’s commitment to cutting-edge, Web 2.0 technologies.


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