Public Voting Opens for MacThemes 2 Contest

Phill Ryu has announced that public voting is now open for the current MacThemes competition, where three themes will be selected to win $1000 worth of software and will be made available for ShapeShifter. With 55 entries in total, the competition showcases a variety of impressive designs, as per my personal view.

The audience is quite selective, with the highest rating I’ve seen being 3.5 out of 5.

Early favorites include Pluto, AOR, California, and Plexis. Although the voting has just begun and will continue until next Wednesday, expect some shifts in the leaderboard.

If you find yourself with some spare time, consider visiting MacThemes to contribute your ratings to the competition.

Public votes will account for half of the final scores, with the remaining determined by the judges, making every vote significant. The winners are expected to be announced shortly after the 15th.

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Tj Luoma

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