Remote Control Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

While the debate between scroll wheels and touch screens continues, one thing is clear: operating a touch screen while it’s in your pocket is not feasible. However, the iPhone and iPod touch offer good compatibility with traditional iPod accessories, such as the $6.30 Borgvik remote control available from Kai Domain (previously known as Fifth Unit).

Despite being marketed for the nano, it functions effectively with both the iPhone and iPod touch.

The use of a remote control enables you to manage your iPhone or iPod touch without having to touch the device itself. As depicted in the accompanying image, the remote offers features such as volume control, play/pause functionality, and track navigation.

While the standard iPhone earbuds come with a built-in remote on the wire that allows for basic controls like pausing and skipping tracks, using a separate remote control can be beneficial if you prefer using different headphones or if you’re playing audio directly from the iPhone’s speakers, which might not be in your pocket.

The remote conveniently clips onto your clothing, making it easy to access without fumbling around.

When connecting the remote, the iPhone may display a notification advising that the accessory is not designed for use with the iPhone and suggesting switching to Airplane mode, which you can ignore. The adapter plug included with the remote fits the iPod touch perfectly but may not fit well into the deeper headphone jack of the iPhone.

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