iPod Ignites Fire in Man’s Pants, Causes Alarm

Recently, a startling incident occurred when Danny Williams, a man from Georgia, experienced his iPod Nano igniting inside his trouser pocket. While stationed at a kiosk within Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Williams observed flames reaching up towards his chest.

Fortunately, a piece of paper in his pocket shielded him from potential severe burns. The device, which was a year old, had apparently ignited spontaneously.

Williams shared with WSB-TV in Atlanta, “Had the TSA noticed the smoke, they might have mistaken me for a terrorist.” He expressed relief that the incident didn’t escalate to more severe consequences.

Following the incident, Apple has proposed to replace the faulty Nano.

Williams’ mother expressed her relief, noting the fortunate timing of the event; it could have been disastrous had it occurred while he was asleep or driving. Although it’s generally advised not to keep such devices in one’s pocket while driving or sleeping, the incident underscores the potential hazards of carrying electronic devices too closely.


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