Debunked Rumor: Australians Set Leopard Release for October 20

Update 1pm:It seems there might have been a mix-up. As highlighted by our readers, a forum post by a member of the Frequency team clarifies that the page in question is merely a prototype.

Currently, “no date as yet,” and the dates mentioned are placeholders. (A little tip for Frequency: When creating sample invites for announcements, using “October ###” would suffice.) Thus, the 20th of October is as good a guess as any, but it’s best not to get too excited just yet.

The journey from Cupertino to the Sydney suburb of Rushcutters Bay is long, yet it seems the local retailer Frequency might have some insider information.

According to Frequency’s “Leopard Launch Party” page:

Due to an Apple embargo, we are unable to sell Leopard until 7pm EST Saturday 20th October, the official worldwide Leopard launch.

Launching a product on a Saturday evening is unusual for Apple, but considering the energetic vibe of the Friday evening iPhone launch, it’s conceivable that retail outlets are preparing for a vibrant Saturday night event. Expect leopard-print attire and perhaps a smashing of old Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” records.

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