Vintage-Style Mini Jukebox: A Nostalgic Music Experience

In an innovative twist, James Colby from 123Macmini has ingeniously transformed a Classic Mac into a modern marvel by embedding a dismantled mini along with a fresh LCD. He removed Finder from the system, opting instead for a direct boot into Front Row, effectively creating a Classic mini jukebox.

The project, affectionately dubbed Frankenmorris, combines the names of the Classic Mac, Morris, and the newly integrated mini, Frank.

The integration was a challenge, particularly fitting all the components into the compact casing. Colby even had to slice the front of the CRT to make room.

Modifications included cuts for a DVD slot in the old floppy drive and an opening for the IR receiver. Despite these alterations, the finished product maintains a sleek appearance.

The final result is not only a testament to creativity but also a compelling reason to keep the mini in production, despite recent rumors suggesting otherwise.

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