Leopard Shipping Update Scheduled for October 18

In an intriguing turn of events, Dean O., a reader, shared a shipment notification he received from the Apple Store in Canada. Dean, who recently purchased a MacBook Pro, was part of Apple’s up-to-date program.

Surprisingly, the notice indicated that his copy of Leopard would arrive by October 18th, a full week before its official release date of October 26th.

This early delivery raises questions, as it was previously understood that Apple was still finalizing the new OS, addressing the last few bugs, and conducting final quality assurance checks. There were even reports that they were still in the process of printing the gold masters.

However, according to Dean’s shipment notice—which he suspects might be due to his proximity to a Canadian warehouse—it appears that Leopard may already be packaged and ready for distribution. It remains to be seen whether Dean will indeed receive his software ahead of the global launch.


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