Major Reviews of Leopard Released: Insights from NYT, WSJ, USAToday

The embargo has lifted and the tech gurus have spoken. The latest reviews of Leopard are in, and they’re glowing.

Walt Mossberg even treated us to a cheerful video overview from what seems to be his home entertainment room. Here’s what the experts are saying:

  • David Pogue of the New York Times describes Leopard as “powerful, polished and carefully conceived.” He praises major features like Time Machine and Quick Look, though he expresses reservations about some of the other 300 new features, particularly taking issue with the Danish spell checking.

  • Edward Baig from USAToday believes that “Apple’s operating system widens its lead aesthetically and technologically… Leopard is one cool cat.” He provides a detailed analysis of Leopard’s new features and points out some minor issues with Back to My Mac when dealing with network firewalls.

  • Walt Mossberg, writing for the Wall Street Journal and, calls the update “Evolutionary, not revolutionary… I think it’s better than Vista.” He highlights the system’s speed and ease of use compared to Vista, mentioning faster startup times and new functionalities like Google Talk in iChat and seamless access to shared Windows folders.

For those gearing up to upgrade, here’s a salute from Mr.

Mossberg on compatibility:

“Every piece of software and hardware I tested on two Leopard-equipped Macs – a loaned laptop from Apple and my own upgraded iMac – functioned perfectly, free from the compatibility issues that still haunt Vista. My old Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer, unsupported by Vista, worked flawlessly with Leopard, even over the network and could print double-sided.

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