Discover Star Trek-Themed Etched MacBooks and iPods on Flickr

As someone who contributes to an Apple-focused blog and has a penchant for Star Trek, I’m always excited to discuss both interests in one go. Today, I get to do just that thanks to a tip from and their Flickrstream.

It appears there’s a burgeoning niche for laser-etching designs onto Apple devices, and etchstar is set to join this market officially on November 1st.

The array of Apple gadgets featuring Star Trek motifs showcased on etchstar’s Flickrstream is impressive. Highlights include a Starfleet Command MacBook Pro, an Enterprise MacBook, an Enterprise A iPod, a Star Trek logo iPod, a Klingon Empire iPod, and either a very cool nano or two.

I’m curious about the cost to have the Enterprise etched onto my iPhone.

Wouldn’t that be incredible?

[via MAKE]

Update: It seems my geek credentials are at stake! I previously misidentified the above Enterprise as the Enterprise A. It is, in fact, the original Enterprise from the Star Trek series.


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