Meet Alex: The New Voice of Mac OS X in 24 Hours of Leopard

Spotlight: Introducing Alex, the latest voice of Mac OS X

The concept of voice synthesis on Mac has been a part of the platform for over two decades, primarily used in screen reading and niche applications. It hasn’t been a standout feature, except for the Talking Moose — which is now back on OS X.

Despite improvements in Macintalk and Speech Manager voices, they still often sound quite synthetic.

Enter Alex, a significantly more clear voice (YouTube demo movie) that incorporates precise control over breathing and pauses, enhancing clarity, particularly for rapid reading. You can hear a sample of Alex’s capabilities in this blog post.

From what I’ve heard, Alex stands up well against top-tier synthesis voices like AT&T’s Natural Voices and Cepstral. For those utilizing VoiceOver or needing auditory feedback without visual focus, Alex offers a seamless experience.

Primary Users:
Primarily VoiceOver users, who will find it invaluable; also beneficial for any Leopard user who prefers auditory to visual information.

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