Leopard Upgrade Disc Issues: Spotlight on User Complaints

Just sharing a bit of a frustrating experience that might resonate with some of you. As I mentioned previously, I recently acquired a new 24″ iMac on Leopard Day. This unit, being part of the older inventory, came pre-installed with Tiger and included a “Mac OS X v10.5 CPU Drop-in Kit” disc for upgrading to Leopard.

Initially, I assumed this disc would function similarly to the retail version of Leopard, but it turned out to be an upgrade-only disc. This meant that the Leopard installer required an existing installation of Tiger on the machine, and it limited the installation options to only an Upgrade, without the usual choices of Archive and Install, or Erase and Install.

So, naturally, I proceeded with the upgrade on the existing Tiger setup. However, I encountered a major issue over the weekend that necessitated a complete system wipe and reinstallation.

Here’s where the trouble began: since the Leopard disc was strictly for upgrades, I had to reinstall Tiger first before I could proceed with upgrading to Leopard. This process felt unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming. It’s quite inconvenient, especially considering the possibility of future reinstalls, such as preparing the machine for resale, where I would have to repeat this entire two-step installation process.

I wanted to share this experience because it’s likely that others purchasing the last units of Macs with Tiger pre-installed or those using the OS X up to date program we’ve posted on might encounter the same issue.

Update: I may have been too quick to judge.

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