iPhone File Management Tool for Mac Users Unveiled

In an effort to streamline my workflow, I’ve shifted away from direct phone-to-phone file transfers and developed a Mac utility designed to seamlessly intercept files sent into the digital void. Dubbed File Catcher, this Universal Binary application resides on your desktop and is engineered to automatically retrieve files to your desktop.

Accomplishing this required the creation of a new protocol that identifies the file name and other pertinent details during the transfer process.

I have completely revamped my catch and throw utilities and the SendFile application to align with this new protocol.

However, the utility that has truly captured my enthusiasm is a fresh addition named snapngo. Simply execute it from the command line with a single argument, such as ‘snapngo mypic’.

It captures a screen snapshot and shares it under the specified name. If you have File Catcher active on your Mac, the file ‘mypic.png’ will automatically be saved to your Desktop.

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