Quick Look Guide: Accessing Leopard’s Command Line

A TUAW reader, Shaun Haber, recently shared a fascinating tip on his personal blog about utilizing Leopard’s Quick Look feature via command line for those who frequent the Terminal. The command qlmanage allows direct interaction with Quick Look capabilities, notably through the -p flag which renders a preview of any specified file.

For instance, executing qlmanage -p foo.png will swiftly display the image in a Quick Look window.

Moreover, Quick Look can also facilitate image slide shows. By navigating to a directory filled with images and running qlmanage -p *.jpg, users can enjoy a seamless slide show of their photos.

Additional useful flags for qlmanage include -h for help, -t for creating thumbnails, and -f which adjusts the zoom level of the display.

However, qlmanage tends to generate numerous NSLog-style messages during operation, which can be distracting.

Haber suggests redirecting these messages to null to avoid clutter by using: qlmanage -p *.jpg >& /dev/null.

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