Capture Pristine Leopard OS Window Screenshots with CleanGrab

Ryan Irelan has expressed dissatisfaction with how Leopard handles screen captures. When utilizing the Command-Shift-4/Spacebar shortcut, Leopard captures an additional 50 extra pixels around the windows, including the window’s drop shadow.

To address this, Irelan developed CleanGrab.

CleanGrab is a script created by Irelan that captures only the window itself, excluding any surrounding background pixels. He provides a detailed description and a download option on his personal weblog.

Users can either execute the script directly or use a macro tool like Quicksilver to trigger it. The script leverages the command-line screencapture tool with the -io flags, where -i enables interactive mode and -o omits the window shadow.

Alternatively, for those preferring direct terminal commands, you can execute screencapture -io.

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John Devis

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