TUAW Q&A: Menubar Design, Airport Disk Sharing, OS X Burning Tips

Welcome to another session of Ask TUAW, where we tackle your queries about various Mac-related issues. Feel free to drop your questions for the next installment in the comments section below. Let’s dive into this week’s inquiries!

Andy inquires:

The application MenuShade from Null River isn’t working on Leopard. Are there any alternatives available?

Although the need for this might seem minimal due to the already subdued brightness of Leopard’s menu bar, you might want to try LeoColorBar.

It offers a similar functionality by allowing you to darken the menu bar, though it’s not a direct replacement for MenuShade.

Hank queries:

I’m using a MacBook and an Apple Cinema 20″ display with an EyeTV 250 Plus. What kind of picture quality should I expect in full screen mode?

The quality largely depends on the source. The EyeTV 250 Plus can handle OTA HDTV, which means it can display a 1080i source that surpasses the resolution of your 20″ screen. However, standard analog TV will not look as sharp, given it will be stretched to fit your display’s resolution.

Andy asks:

If I purchase a second Airport Express to extend my wireless network, can I connect an Ethernet hard drive to this second Express unit?

Unfortunately, that setup won’t work.

The AirPort Express only supports USB connections for printers. If you’re looking to connect network disks, you’ll need an AirPort Extreme Base Station.

jadedcritic asks:

Why do some Mac users prefer to boot into Windows and use Nero for tasks like DVD copying or data disc burning?

It’s curious that they would switch to Windows for such tasks. Mac OS X itself includes Disk Utility in the /Applications/Utilities folder for burning data discs and creating disc images. For those looking for more features, Toast is a comprehensive commercial option, and Burn is a well-regarded free alternative.

Dave asks:

I’m planning to purchase Leopard soon and am curious about using Time Machine over a WiFi network.


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