How to Charge an iPod Using an Onion: A Step-by-Step Guide

In an intriguing development that might have slipped past us at TUAW, just as many are gearing up for holiday travels and inevitably leaving behind their iPod chargers, a novel solution has surfaced. Crafted by Household Hacker, this quick fix could rejuvenate your device’s battery, allowing you to enjoy tunes like The Cars’ Greatest Hits once more.

However, they caution that only those who are truly proficient should attempt this, a criterion surely met by the tech-savvy readers of TUAW. Remember, safety first—don’t compromise your well-being or your iPod’s functionality.

The exact science behind this hack is somewhat of a mystery to us—it might involve the electrolytes in Gatorade interacting with the onion, potentially breaking down the onion’s cellular structure and releasing some form of electrical energy.

This hypothesis is inspired by countless hours watching educational shows like Beakman’s World and Mythbusters. However, it’s important to note a significant drawback: currently, onions cannot update the firmware on any iPod model.

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