iStat Pro 4.5 Update: Comprehensive Widget Watch Review

While I’m not particularly enthusiastic about widgets in general, finding them somewhat unnecessary for my daily needs, there is one notable exception: iSlayer’s iStat Pro. This widget is a comprehensive tool for monitoring various system aspects such as CPU usage, memory, network activities, system uptime, and even the health of your Mac’s battery.

Recently, iStat Pro 4.5 was launched, introducing not only an enhanced user interface but also several new functionalities and improvements.

According to the developers at iSlayer:

  • Network section now includes additional details and settings for PPP/PPPoE connections.

  • Enhanced support for temperature and fan controls on PPC and Intel-based Macs.

  • Advanced monitoring of S.M.A.R.T. drive temperatures.

  • Resolved issues with the battery section and compatibility with OS X 10.5.

  • Disc icons are now interactive, allowing users to open drives directly from the widget.

  • New keyboard shortcuts for updating external IP and changing skin colors.

  • Integration of a button to launch the Activity Monitor directly.

  • Various bug fixes and user interface enhancements.

The new features, especially the direct link to Activity Monitor and interactive drive icons, are particularly useful.

iSlayer Pro 4.5 is compatible with both Intel and PPC Macs running either Tiger or Leopard and is available as donationware, inviting users to contribute voluntarily for its development.


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