US Army Expands IT Portfolio by Integrating Mac Devices

The ongoing debate about the relative security of Mac OS versus Windows is not new to those in military technology circles. In fact, as early as 1999, the decision was made to transition the website from Windows NT-based servers to Mac OS 9 and Webstar in an effort to fend off hacker intrusions.

The site has since continued to operate on Mac OS X and XServes, opting for Webstar under Kerio rather than the more common Apache server, and is still active today. Despite this, the widespread deployment of Macs to desktops within the military has lagged behind their use in server roles, even with the acknowledged risks of a homogeneous platform approach.

According to a recent Forbes article, the Army’s initiative to foster a more diverse and secure computing environment began in 2005.

The article highlights upcoming plans to implement Thursby Software’s CAC bundle to enhance Mac compatibility with Common Access Card security measures. This is not the first attempt to integrate CAC on Mac OS X, as Apple has previously included some necessary components, and the Navy has released a comprehensive PDF guide for its implementation on Tiger OS.

An overlooked feature of the new Leopard OS that could be crucial for Army applications is its POSIX compliance.


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