TUAW Q&A: Drag and Drop Images, Front Row Issues, Leopard SMS Tips

Welcome to this edition of Ask TUAW, where we delve into your queries about various Mac and iOS functionalities. Feel free to drop your questions for future discussions in the comments section below. Let’s dive into this week’s inquiries!

Brian asks

At my workplace, I connect my iPhone to a Griffin Amplifi speaker. The problem is, even at its lowest setting, the volume is too high. Is there a way to reduce the volume output from the iPhone or iPod through the dock connector?

Regrettably, the dock connector outputs audio at a fixed line level, meaning the volume cannot be adjusted through this connection.

Although it’s not the most elegant solution, you could use the headphone output with a 1/8″ audio input cable on the Amplifi for volume control.

Jason asks

Previously, dragging an image from Safari to another application was straightforward, but now it only drags the URL. Is there a workaround?

An insightful article on Mac Geekery suggests that the behavior depends on the receiving application. A viable workaround is to right-click the image in Safari, select “Copy Image,” and then paste directly into your desired application.

Topslakr asks

When I try to skip forward in Front Row, it skips a percentage of the total length instead of a fixed time. Can this be adjusted to a specific number of seconds?

Currently, there is no option to change the skip length to a specific duration in Front Row. However, a discussion thread suggests a partial solution: pausing the video first allows the fast forward and rewind buttons to skip in 10-second intervals.

Bob asks

Can I use my 3rd generation iPod to transfer files between my MacBook Pro and a Windows XP computer at work?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to format your iPod in FAT32 format, as macOS can read and write to FAT32, whereas Windows XP cannot interact with HFS+ without additional software.

Alternatively, you could install MacDrive or MacDisk on the Windows machine. Don’t forget to enable disk use in iTunes settings.

Mikael asks

Since upgrading to Leopard, I miss being able to send SMS directly from the Address Book. Is there a way to restore this functionality?

Direct SMS functionality from the Address Book is not supported natively in Leopard. However, third-party solutions like BluePhoneElite 2 and FoneLink can provide similar functionality. Alternatively, you can use the emitSMS widget or send SMS through iChat using an AIM or .Mac account.

Shaun asks

I want my USB flash drive to automatically sync with a folder on my Mac every time I connect it.

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