SparkleZip 1.1 Enhances Productivity for Cocoa Developers

For developers working with Cocoa, Sparkle offers an essential open-source component that simplifies the integration of a “Check for Updates” feature into applications. This tool is particularly popular among developers of some well-loved apps.

For those already familiar, the utility SparkleZip might catch your interest.

SparkleZip, a no-cost utility, offers a straightforward functionality: it automatically names zip files correctly after reading your application’s CFBundleVersion when you drag and drop your app onto its icon. This process not only cuts down on the time it takes to prepare for appcasting but also helps avoid errors in versioning, especially since Sparkle can be quite strict once an appcast goes live.

The time you save here can be redirected towards enhancing your upcoming software release, which is rumored to be impressive.

Update: An earlier version of this post incorrectly mentioned that TextMate utilizes Sparkle for updates. Although TextMate appears on the Sparkle wiki, Allan from TextMate has clarified in a recent interview that they do not use Sparkle for their updates.

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