TUAW Talkcast Episode 22: Recalling Past Macworlds

As Dave mentioned earlier, the recent talkcast revisited some memorable moments from past Macworld Expos. In the midst of my preparations for the upcoming trip, I almost missed broadcasting the show live. You can download the show directly or from Talkshoe, play it using the Flash player below, or access it via iTunes.

Please excuse my coughing during the recording; thankfully, I am feeling much better now.

This Sunday, we are excited to begin our Macworld Expo coverage with an early show at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET. This will be an open-phones session, inviting everyone to share their expectations and what they hope to see on the expo floor, during the keynote, and throughout the conferences. If time allows, we plan to host another quick session Monday evening to share the pre-keynote vibes, and possibly a brief Tuesday morning discussion from our spot in the queue.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Talkshoe page and hit the ‘follow’ button for the latest updates on our show schedule. We will also be tweeting and tagging updates about upcoming talkcasts next week.

As previously noted, we are currently not including enclosures in our normal feed to address an issue some users of Leopard Mail.app have been experiencing with RSS attachments. Therefore, the regular podcast feed will remain inactive until a fix for Mail.app is implemented.

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