Guide to Upgrading Your MacBook Pro Hard Drive

Last Friday, as I prepared for a cross-country trip to attend Macworld, I found myself undertaking a seemingly prudent task: swapping out the hard drive on my MacBook Pro. Given the troubling sounds emanating from my old drive, it seemed wise to address this issue before potential failure at the expo.

I turned to Other World Computing for a replacement and picked up this drive. It’s noteworthy that the drive I chose was identical to the one pre-installed in my MacBook Pro, albeit with double the storage capacity.

I should mention that my endorsement of OWC is based purely on my positive experiences; there’s no sponsorship involved.

It’s important to note that MacBook Pro’s hard drive is not deemed ‘user replaceable’ unlike its MacBook counterpart, where hard drive replacement is straightforward. Despite this, my extensive experience with hardware upgrades gave me the confidence to proceed. I utilized a detailed guide from iFixIt for disassembly.

However, a word of caution: ensure you have a T6 Torx Screwdriver on hand before beginning. After a futile search through several toolkits, I finally located one in a comprehensive, albeit costly, set of tools. This particular screwdriver is essential for removing the six Torx screws securing the hard drive and keyboard.

Ultimately, this type of upgrade is best suited for those who are comfortable with the intricacies of laptop internals.


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