iPod Touch Users Campaign for Free New Apps

Yesterday’s announcement by Steve Jobs about the introduction of five new applications for the iPod Touch initially received an enthusiastic response. However, the mood quickly shifted when it was revealed that existing iPod Touch owners would be charged $20 for these updates, which are included for free in all new devices.

This news sparked a flurry of mostly negative reactions from those watching the keynote via TUAW’s IRC channel.

In response to the announcement, a disgruntled group of customers has started an online petition demanding that Apple provide the updates free of charge to current iPod Touch owners. At the time of writing, the petition has garnered nearly 600 signatures.

It’s interesting to note that the issue of charging for iPod Touch updates was speculated upon by Michael Rose and John Gruber back in October 2007.

They discussed how Apple’s earnings report hinted that the iPhone’s subscription accounting model might not apply to the iPod Touch, raising questions about the potential costs of future updates. Now, it appears that updates will indeed come with a fee.

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