Royal Caribbean’s Latest Ships Equipped with Mac Infrastructure

During the initial session of today’s Mac IT conference, Bruce Wolf, representing Royal Caribbean cruise line, shed light on the technological framework of the company’s latest maritime vessels. Given the long operational expectancy of these ships, the technological decisions made at the outset remain pivotal for up to a decade and a half.

Proposals from Apple and Nanonation greatly impressed the Royal Caribbean executive team, leading to the integration of suggested technologies into the ships’ daily functions.

Starting in the latter part of 2006 with the Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas, the ships’ signage system was powered by Mac Minis and XServe servers, displaying on Samsung screens. Subsequently, large displays began to offer custom content such as announcements, shore excursion details, fitness schedules, casino deals, and interactive ship maps.

More recent ship designs have included in-stateroom entertainment and booking systems for dining and activities.

Looking ahead, the ships will feature a broadcasting room that delivers content to both guest and crew accommodations, powered by either a Mini or an Apple TV. Signage for the crew behind the scenes, learning centers for guests, and public displays will all operate on Mac systems.

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