ScreenSteps Tutorial: Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Software

One of the highlights of attending Macworld is stumbling upon applications that were previously off my radar, especially when they prove to be incredibly useful. Such was the case with ScreenSteps, a software that simplifies the process of creating documentation, which I foresee becoming an indispensable tool in my blogging toolkit.

Consider the scenario where you need to demonstrate how to activate a feature in Safari. Typically, this would involve using multiple programs like a screen capture tool, a text editor, and an image editor, not to mention the need to constantly switch between them.

This can be quite time-consuming. However, ScreenSteps streamlines this process by monitoring your clipboard for screenshots, automatically importing them into a document as you work. Simply take your screenshots, open ScreenSteps, and find all your images ready for annotation.

The application also includes basic image editing tools and a variety of graphics options to enhance your instructions.

After creating a document in ScreenSteps, sharing it is straightforward. You have the option to export it as a PDF, as clean HTML with customizable templates, or via ScreenSteps’ own hosting service.

ScreenSteps is available in two versions: the standard version is priced at $39.95, while the Pro version, which includes additional features like the ability to create an index for grouping documents, costs $59.95. For more details on the differences between the versions, you can check here.

Tj Luoma

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