Sababa Toys Unveils the New iNo Interactive Game

At the Moscone West during the “first look” showcase, we stumbled upon Sababa Toys presenting their new iPod music-trivia game named ‘iNo.’ Despite the somewhat awkward name, the game appears to be quite engaging. Players insert their iPod, which then randomly plays a song with the screen obscured.

Participants, if they recognize the song or artist, hit a small handheld button to pause the music and make their guess. The iNo device doubles as a speaker and an iPod charger, though it requires six AA batteries, which might not be the most efficient charging method.

Nevertheless, for those looking for a break from the standard iPod music games and a fun time with music-loving pals, this product offers a fresh take from one of the more spirited exhibitors at Macworld.

To witness the device in use, check out the video below.

VIDEO: Sababa Toys’ iNo

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