Fraggles and Farscape Series Now Available on iTunes!

Exciting news for fans of classic television and puppetry! Starting today, beloved series from The Jim Henson Company are making their way to iTunes. Viewers can now download the entire first seasons of Farscape and Fraggle Rock for just $1.99 per episode. The company has announced that more series will be added to iTunes in the near future.

While I haven’t personally watched Farscape, I’m aware of its cult status and the challenges its fans have faced regarding home video availability due to rights issues.

It’s likely that enthusiasts of the series will be thrilled to have easier access to its episodes.

On the other hand, Fraggle Rock holds a special place in my heart. I have fond memories of tuning into its episodes on HBO during my early childhood, and its catchy theme song still brings a smile to my face. Unlike other Muppet-related media, Fraggle Rock remains a property of The Jim Henson Company, as it was not included in the 2004 sale to The Walt Disney Company.

This has somewhat simplified its release on digital platforms, although in the U.S., DVD releases have only reached the third season. Despite my usual reservations about purchasing TV shows on iTunes, the nostalgia of Fraggle Rock is too tempting to resist.

With the current TV season offering limited new content, the appeal of revisiting these classic shows on a Mac or Apple TV is undeniable. Whether it’s enjoying the musical antics of decades-old Muppets or diving into a beloved sci-fi series, these options are particularly appealing now, compared to the alternative of watching a makeshift season of Big Brother.

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