Quay 1.1b3 Update Introduces Exciting New Features

In our previous discussion, we highlighted Quay, a software that enhances the functionality of the Leopard dock.

Unlike Apple’s default settings, Quay allows for extensions on both sides of the dock and provides detailed information about the applications, including their version numbers and system resource usage, which proves to be extremely useful.

Recent updates in version 1.1b3 include:

  • Using option-command-click on an active application now brings up detailed stats about the app.

  • Shift-command-click now opens the application’s contents in Finder.

  • Enhanced compatibility with FileVault.

  • The help menu now includes a print option.

Quay is compatible with Mac OS 10.5, with a recommendation for version 10.5.2, and is priced at €7 (approximately $10US).

It’s important to note that the unregistered version of Quay limits users to only two items.

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