CamTwist Video Effects App Upgraded to Version 1.7

Updated to version 1.7, Steve Green’s CamTwist now includes several bug fixes, AppleScript capabilities, Flickr slideshow integrations, and a new feature, CamTwist Studio, which allows for live video mixing. This tool is a boon for anyone interested in video effects on Mac, offering the ability to manage multiple camera inputs and switch seamlessly between them with minimal effort, essentially providing a “television studio in a box.” It utilizes Quartz compositions, requiring a Mac OS X 10.4 or newer and a Quartz Extreme-capable machine.

While CamTwist might appear simple at first, it offers extensive functionality for professional video effects.

For a quick start, consider watching Ben’sexcellent training clip on the documentation page. Additionally, Chris Pirillo has demonstrated its capabilities in a detailed walkthrough, and Metacafe offers a comprehensive review.

For those who enjoy exploring video effects, consider also Stone Design’s Videator ($49), Wirecast 3 ($450, cross-platform) or CamCamX from blackop ($59 for a one-year subscription).

These tools are popular among VJs and live mixers and offer robust commercial support. Yet, for pure entertainment and versatility, CamTwist stands out as a top choice.

[via Download Squad/MacUpdate]


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