Leopard Outperforms Vista in Corporate Satisfaction

In a recent analysis by ChangeWave Research, as reported by ComputerWorld, satisfaction levels among corporate users of Apple’s Leopard and Microsoft’s Windows Vista were compared. The findings suggest that users of Leopard are significantly more content with their operating system than those using Vista, with Leopard users being up to five times more likely to express high levels of satisfaction.

While the report highlighted some humorous and exaggerated benefits of using Leopard over Vista, such as improved dental health and a better chance at finding attractive partners, the core takeaway remains the user satisfaction rates.

Here are some of the tongue-in-cheek “advantages” listed:

  • Leopard could potentially enhance tooth enamel and lead to brighter smiles.
  • It might increase your chances of attracting good-looking partners.
  • Conversely, using Vista could be linked to premature hair loss.
  • Leopard might also help in reducing bad breath.
  • Vista users reportedly have a higher likelihood of being audited by the IRS.
  • Leopard could magically clean your windows and organize your laundry with a fresh lemon scent.

Of course, these claims are made in jest. For more grounded statistics and findings, refer to the original article on ComputerWorld.

Notably, the survey also mentioned that 7% of respondents plan to purchase Apple laptops in the next 90 days, maintaining the same level of interest as in the previous survey, despite a general decline in the interest for other laptop brands. Could this be an influence of the MacBook Air?

Overall, the report from ChangeWave Research provides an interesting glimpse into the corporate user satisfaction between two major operating systems, highlighting a clear preference for Apple’s Leopard over Microsoft’s Vista in the corporate environment.


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