Automator Guide: How to Create PDFs from Newspaper Headlines

For those who thrive on staying updated with the latest news, the Newseum offers a unique experience as an “interactive museum of news.” It showcases the front pages of over 600 newspapers daily from various publishers. Imagine having a personalized selection of these front pages delivered directly to you in a single PDF format.

This is where Automator steps in to make it possible.

Dave Bednarski has crafted a brilliant script for this purpose, shared via 37signals. Users simply list the newspapers they’re interested in, apply a filter for PDFs, and download the files to their desktop.

These files can then be merged into one comprehensive document with ease.

To enhance your morning routine, link this script to an iCal event to have your curated news compilation ready upon waking. Just add a cup of coffee and enjoy your morning without the hassle of a wet newspaper courtesy of a playful pet in the rain.

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