Twinkle: Location-Based Twitter App for iPhone

Described by Installer as “Twitter plus Location,” Twinkle, developed by Gogo Apps, enhances the typical Twitter experience by integrating photos, geolocation, clickable URLs, and in-app follower management.

Interestingly, it appears to leverage my findme tool for its location services, a feature I allowed them to use under the condition that their app remains free of charge.

Upon logging in and entering my Twitter credentials (note: the app stores this information in plain text under ~mobile/Library/Preferences), it promptly displayed tweets from users within a 50-mile radius of my current location.

The app allows for direct tweeting.

By tapping the pencil icon in the upper right corner—which I initially confused for an oddly shaped lowercase ‘i’—you can compose a new tweet, tag your location, and even attach a photo if desired.

Twinkle boasts a sleek design and is user-friendly.


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