HBO Content May Soon Be Available on iTunes with Variable Pricing

According to a recent update from, it appears that HBO’s top shows like “The Sopranos” might soon be available on the iTunes Store. HBO is reportedly negotiating with Apple to bring its acclaimed series to this digital platform.

The potential agreement could be a boon for HBO enthusiasts, yet the intriguing aspect of these negotiations is the pricing model HBO has purportedly secured with Apple.

According to sources at Portfolio, Apple may adopt a flexible pricing policy for HBO’s content, potentially setting prices above the standard $1.99 per episode. This pricing strategy is something other studios, like NBC, have desired in the past, though Apple has historically been hesitant to implement it.

It’s important to note that “flexible pricing” could also mean a larger share of the profits per episode for HBO, rather than just higher prices for consumers.

As the details are still under wraps, the exact terms will only be revealed when the deal is officially announced and simultaneously launched.

Please be aware that despite HBO and TUAW sharing corporate ties, this information comes without insider insights.

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