Special Early Talkcast Sunday at 9 pm ET: Goodbye Nik

Last Sunday’s talkcast attracted a large audience and extended over a considerable duration as we explored the nostalgia surrounding the 12″ PowerBook G4 and discussed a particular Apple TV advertisement featuring Milo Ventimiglia that was not very flattering to Mac users. You can access the episode via Talkshoe, use the Flash player below, or find it on iTunes.

This coming Sunday, May 25, we will start at an earlier time of 9 pm ET (6 pm PT) to bid adieu to our dear colleague, Nik Fletcher, who is embarking on a new adventure.

We invite you to join us with your beverage of choice and share your favorite memories of Nik. The evening will feature ‘Niktrivia’ and a giveaway that includes a MessagePad 2000 manual and a 1996 edition of the Internet Yellow Pages.

Participation in the discussion is possible through the new browser-only client from TalkShoe, or by using the well-known TalkShoe Pro Java client.

Simply click the “TalkShoe Web” button on our profile page at the scheduled time. Alternatively, you can listen directly on the Talkshoe page or dial in via phone or VOIP at (724) 444-7444, talkcast ID 45077.

As usual, previous episodes are available through our podcast feed, on the TalkShoe page, or via the convenient widget.

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