How to Use Your MacBook Air SuperDrive on Any Computer

For those who own a MacBook Air SuperDrive and wish to extend its utility beyond the MacBook Air, particularly to other Macs or even PCs, there’s good news from tnkgrl at tnkgrl Mobile. She has devised a method that involves a minor investment of $9 and some bravery to make the SuperDrive work with other computers.

The desire to use the SuperDrive with different computers has been strong since the product’s launch.

Tnkgrl discovered that the key was to swap out the IDE to USB bridge inside the device. This modification involves removing the existing daughter-board and repositioning the 12 MHz crystal.

While this may be straightforward for those adept with hardware modifications, it presents a clear challenge for novices, carrying a certain level of risk.

For a detailed walkthrough, you can visit the blog post on tnkgrl Mobile.


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