LiveDiscKit: Essential Guide to Live Disk Software Tools

Just before we started our chat with Paul Kafasis at Macworld 2008, he shared an interesting detail about the demo CDs they were distributing. The challenge with distributing software via CD is that the software can quickly become outdated.

However, the team at Rogue Amoeba is dedicated to ensuring their software remains current, continuously updating it.

Seems like a tough nut to crack, right? Not so for the innovative minds at Rogue Amoeba. They devised LiveDisc, a clever solution where the CD contains an application that directs users to download the latest version of the software from the internet.

This approach addresses the issue of software obsolescence head-on.

Expanding on this innovation, Rogue Amoeba introduced LiveDiscKit, an open-source plugin for Interface Builder that allows other developers to implement this technology in their CD distributions. By adjusting a few settings, developers can ensure their CDs remain relevant and up-to-date, despite the rapid pace of software updates.


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